Fruit Wines and Food

Delicious with food

The complex flavours of Móinéir Strawberry Wine make it an ideal partner for a wide variety of Irish foods including salads and cheese, pork and lamb, poultry, salmon and seafood.

Its aromatic qualities and slightly off-dry style mean that it also matches well with spicy foods, which can be difficult to pair with most grape wines.

We don’t use any animal products in our purification process, so our wine is suitable for Vegans.


Colourful, fresh, fragrant, full of summer flavour, and of course, uniquely Irish – Móinéir Strawberry Wine makes a special wedding wine, either served as an aperitif at your reception, or served with dinner as a memorable treat.

Summer picnics and parties
Alfresco eating and Móinéir Strawberry Wine are a sublime combination. Our wine is moderately low in alcohol and an excellent companion for grilled fish, meats, salads and fruits.

Christmas and New Year
Festive celebrations call for something special and different. The complex and deep flavours of Móinéir Blackberry Wine should be savoured and enjoyed with a Christmas feast, combining harmoniously with game, fowl and strong cheeses.