What are Fruit Wines?

Wine is the name given to the fermented juice of any fruit, but is typically associated with the fermented juice of the grape.

Fruit wine is the name given to wines made from other fruits or blends of different fruits. Fruit wines are made around the world, though are not as easy to find as wines made from the grape.

In Europe well over 10 billion litres of wine are produced from the grape annually, over 8 billion of which are produced in France, Italy and Spain alone. Contrast that with Móinéir wines, of which only a few thousand bottles have been produced. Móinéir wines are crafted in the best tradition of fine fruit wine, using only premium Irish fruit, and unlike some wines, our wines are suitable for vegans. 

The process of creating Móinéir wine is similar to that of creating grape wine but at a much smaller scale. Around one hundred and fifty small, individually handpicked berries are required to create each bottle of wine. Our wines are made in small batches with a lot of loving care and attention. Taking up to a year from picking the fruit to bottling the wine, the entire production is managed by hand to ensure purity and quality.

Made in different styles around the world, fruit wine is versatile enough to be enjoyed in different ways, but its inherent quality depends on being made with 100% whole fruit.  Fruit is always an expression of its origins, and its attributes reflect the local soil and climate (terroir). Irish fruit is particularly fragrant and intense, which makes for a unique and special wine. The style of our wine is dry to off-dry so that it can be enjoyed with a meal or as an aperitif.