The Story behind Móinéir

Pamela Walsh and Brett Stephenson, founders. Photo by Kinlan Photography.

Pamela Walsh and Brett Stephenson, founders. Photo by Kinlan Photography.

We are often asked what led us to create our unique and tantalising wines. The answer is that we love Irish food and drink, and we love nature, and we bring the two together through our wines. We learned and appreciated from our experience in the USA that wine, grown locally, and made with passion and creativity, is a wonderful and important part of the local food experience.

Grapes are relatively new to Ireland but berries have a long history and grow freely around the country. Berries are an integral and important part of Irish food culture, and have helped sustain the Irish people through the centuries. So creating our Irish wines from berries, though challenging, has been very rewarding, and feels right.

Our adventures in life started in different countries - Pamela in Ireland and Brett in the USA, where we first met, and we have continued together since then. Our journey, like many peoples’, took a winding and often challenging route. For us it brought us from Massachusetts to Florida and the mountains of California before taking us back to Ireland with our son and daughter, where we settled into the beautiful Wicklow hills.

We were involved in very different careers – Pamela with a background in engineering, was a senior executive with Airtricity, building windfarms to help in the fight against climate change. Brett was a professional audio engineer, working on films and commercials, and with a diverse array of major musical performers such as U2, Van Morrison, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton and the San Francisco Opera. 

What we always shared, however, is genuine care for the environment and a deep appreciation for the natural foods of Ireland. We've always been fascinated with nature, and with growing food and exploring the unique flavours this island offers. We’re not afraid to do things differently, or to take the path less travelled. So for us it was a big step, but also a natural step to create our own wines, not from grapes like most wines, but from berries grown in Irish soils, and to make them as sustainable as possible. 

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