Reviews continued….

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Kevin Ecock, writer for Checkout Magazine and Hospitality Ireland, host of ‘Free Running with Kevin Ecock’ and ‘The Winepod’

Kevin visited our winery where we made a podcast, discussing winery tours, wines, winemaking and food pairings. Kevin tasted the wines and made the comments:

Móinéir is a range of excellent fruit wines’… ‘flamboyant strawberry, rich and structured blackberry and the impressively expressive raspberry’…’handmade artisinal wines, expertly made to Origin Green standards’.

Ed Joliffe, Chapter One, Móinéir strawberry wine by Wicklow Way Wines.png

Ed Jolliffe, Head Sommelier at Chapter One, and Restaurant Manager at Glover’s Alley

We met Ed at Chapter One Restaurant where he tasted our strawberry wine for the first time. He loved it and introduced it to the Chapter One Wine List. pairing it on the summer tasting menu. We’re delighted that our strawberry wine has been on the wine list at Chapter One since then! This is what Ed said about our wine…

Ed Jolliffe, quoted in the Sunday Times article by Katy McGuinness - ‘We’ve had very good take-up on the strawberry wine (in Chapter One). It’s pure strawberries on the nose and there’s an instant hit. It’s summer in a glass – it makes people smile….there’s a hit of fruit and then it dries out on the finish. It’s a really good alternative for those not into sauternes or tokaji’

Great Taste

We entered our wines into the Great Taste Awards and have received stars for both wines. We received some lovely comments from the judges, such as..

‘This is a surprising and sophisticated product’

‘The judges loved the …complexity of your beautifully crafted wine’

‘The aroma is full of juicy red fruits with loads of blackberry character coming through. The judges really applaud the natural fruit character to this wine and thought it had good depth’

A stunning rich ruby red with dry fruit aromas. All fruit flavours are well balanced and fresh tasting’