Irish Wines created at our Winery in Wicklow

Lovingly crafted by hand, Móinéir Wines are luxurious, small batch, artisan wines, created from delicious Irish berries, in beautiful county Wicklow, just south of Dublin

Inspired by the fertile countryside of Ireland, Móinéir is the Irish word for ‘meadows’, where we picked the berries for our first wines. Made in small batches at our County Wicklow winery, entirely from local Irish berries, our wines offer tantalising aromas, flavours and colours, and are a unique way to savour a little of Ireland’s rich bounty.

Winery Tour and Móinéir Wine Tasting Experience, hosted by the Winemaker

Located just south of Dublin in the Wicklow hills

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Stunning Strawberry Wine

Stunning Strawberry Wine

About the tour

For those interested in the art of winemaking, the beautiful environment that grows our food, meeting their artisan producers, and even music - this is the place for you. Set on the outskirts of Newtownmountkennedy, in the beautiful Wicklow hills, just 15 minutes from South Dublin, you’ll find our small winery among other artisan businesses.

Our wines have been described by wine critics, top sommeliers, and Michelin star chefs as ‘stunning’, ‘beautifully crafted’, ‘pleasantly complex’ and ‘surprising and sophisticated’, and appear on the menus of some of Ireland’s Michelin star restaurants and luxury destinations.

Winery Tour

When you visit you’ll be welcomed by either Brett or Pamela, the founders and winemakers at Wicklow Way Wines, and we’ll guide you on your personalised tour around the winery. (Please note you’ll be visiting a working winery where the wine is made, rather than a vineyard or farm).

As shown on Neven’s Irish Food Trails and Nationwide with Mary Kennedy you’ll see where the wines are made, learn a little about how they’re made, and understand the care that goes into making small batches of these rare and unique wines, hand crafted from locally grown strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Depending on the time of year you may see a fermentation underway, and experience the fabulous colours, amazing aromas and surprising sounds of the fermenting berry juices.

You’ll learn what happens in the year between the initial fermentation of the juices and the bottling of the finished wines. We’ll show you how each bottle of wine is handmade and then individually hand bottled, corked and labelled. And then finally each individual bottle receives its own unique, hand written number, reflecting the small batch from which it came.

Beautiful Blackberry

Beautiful Blackberry

That’s what it’s all about!

That’s what it’s all about!

Wine Tasting

After the tour we’ll bring you to the tasting room, overlooking the vats, where you’ll taste our award winning wines, which are Móinéir Irish Strawberry, Blackberry and Raspberry Wines.

As an extra treat the tasting will include a pairing with two Irish cheeses and chocolate (vegan options available on request), chosen for their high quality, wonderful flavours, and because they pair so well with our wines.

We also have a small shop and if you like what we do we’d love you to pick up a gift for yourself or your family and help us spread the word!

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Our Wines

Crafted by hand and nurtured to perfection

It takes a lot of time and care to create wines from berries and nurture them to perfection. From the selection of the berries from local Irish growers, through the gentle pressing to release the rich juices. From fermentation and maturation and a lot of careful attention to natural processes, to bottling and labelling. We do all of it ourselves, at our winery, to ensure the utmost care, from start to finish.

We think it’s worth it and hope you agree.

Móinéir Irish Raspberry Wine

Launched at Bloom in the Phoenix Park in June 2018 our Raspberry Wine, handmade in the lush, green countryside of County Wicklow, was created from raspberries grown in Ireland's fertile meadows. The purity and intensity of the flavours and aromas of the berries are reflected in the light-bodied, fine, off-dry style of the wine, capturing a rare taste of the fleeting Irish summer. 

Perfect as a gift or as a wine for special occasions, it pairs beautifully with a range of dishes.

Buy from selected stockists in Ireland or from our online store.

  • ABV 10%.

  • Low in Sulphites

  • Suitable for Vegans


Móinéir Irish Strawberry Wine

Our flagship Strawberry Wine is created from hand-picked Irish strawberries,  with around one hundred and fifty small strawberries in each bottle, gently pressed to yield their juices, then carefully fermented over a number of weeks, and aged to a golden-red hue. This artisan wine is handcrafted in small batches in the Garden of Ireland.

Dancing with the aromas of summer, the taste is complex and alluring on the palate, while a hint of sweetness gives way to full-bodied flavour, which tapers to a crisp finish.

Pairing well with the light, fresh meals of summer, it is also delicious as an aperitif.

Buy from selected stockists in Ireland or from our online store.

  • ABV 11%.

  • Low in Sulphites

  • Suitable for Vegans


Móinéir Irish Blackberry Wine

Released in October 2016 our blackberry wine with wild elderberries deliciously captures the flavours of late summer and autumn.

Elderberries are a native Irish plant, growing happily in meadows and hedgerows and often inhabiting areas that are quite inaccessible. The wild elderberries in this wine were painstakingly foraged around the Wicklow Mountains during autumn 2015, then blended with luscious Irish blackberries to create this delicious wine. With real depth of fruit flavour we have captured the moment when the Irish summer turns to autumn.

Perfect as a gift or as a wine for special occasions, it pairs beautifully with red meats and cheeses.

  • ABV 11%.

  • Low in Sulphites

  • Suitable for Vegans



Here are a few of the things said about our wines - thanks to everyone for the kind remarks. Below you’ll find comments from Michelin star chefs, wine critics, sommeliers, bloggers and even a prince!

JP McMahon and Aniar restaurant.jpg

JP McMahon, founder and chef at Aniar (Michelin star restaurant), founder of Food On The Edge, food correspondent for The Irish Times, to name a few…

JP has been serving our blackberry wine on his tasting menus since around the time it launched, and has this to say….

‘Wicklow Way Wines offer a quintessential taste of Ireland. Fruit forward yet pleasantly complex. I love serving them at Aniar.’

Neven Maguire, Brett and Pamela.png

Neven Maguire, owner and chef at the award winning MacNean House, host of Neven’s Irish Food Trails (RTE1) and lots more…

Neven came to see us in Wicklow and recorded a clip for his TV show. Neven’s Irish Food Trails. You can watch the clip here. Neven also serves our wines in his fabulous MacNean House and had this to say…

‘We have it on the tasting menu in our restaurant and the reaction from our customers is, they are surprised and they love it’

charles and camilla.jpg

Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles and Camilla visited Ireland in June 2018 and took a walk around the English Market in Cork, chatting and tasting a selection of the artisan products available in the market. Stopping by wine merchant Billy Forrester at Bubble Brothers they were treated to a glass of our Móinéir Irish Raspberry Wine combined with a Camel Valley Brut from Cornwall. Named the Deoch of Cornwall, it seemed to go down a treat!

Prince Charles commented: “Very good. Brilliant combination. Very refreshing”

And what a great idea it is to combine one of our Móinéir wines with a wine from your guest’s part of the world - building bridges and making friends!



Since the very successful launch of Móinéir, at Bloom in the Phoenix Park, in June 2016 we have received fantastic publicity and endorsements from food and wine experts, critics and the media, along with a great response from the public. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us so far!

Here is some of the coverage we've received to date...

Bloom 2016 - Launch of Móinéir

John Wilson, Irish Times Wine Correspondent, Julie Dupouy, Sommelier at The Greenhouse, Ed Jolliffe, Sommelier at Chapter One, Neven Maguire, MacNean House, Neven's Irish Food Trails, RTE1


Newspapers, Radio and TV

The Story behind Móinéir

Pamela Walsh and Brett Stephenson, founders. Photo by Kinlan Photography.

Pamela Walsh and Brett Stephenson, founders. Photo by Kinlan Photography.

We are often asked what led us to create our unique and tantalising wines. The answer is that we love Irish food and drink, and we love nature, and we bring the two together through our wines. We learned and appreciated from our experience in the USA that wine, grown locally, and made with passion and creativity, is a wonderful and important part of the local food experience.

Grapes are relatively new to Ireland but berries have a long history and grow freely around the country. Berries are an integral and important part of Irish food culture, and have helped sustain the Irish people through the centuries. So creating our Irish wines from berries, though challenging, has been very rewarding, and feels right.

Our adventures in life started in different countries - Pamela in Ireland and Brett in the USA, where we first met, and we have continued together since then. Our journey, like many peoples’, took a winding and often challenging route. For us it brought us from Massachusetts to Florida and the mountains of California before taking us back to Ireland with our son and daughter, where we settled into the beautiful Wicklow hills.

We were involved in very different careers – Pamela with a background in engineering, was a senior executive with Airtricity, building windfarms to help in the fight against climate change. Brett was a professional audio engineer, working on films and commercials, and with a diverse array of major musical performers such as U2, Van Morrison, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton and the San Francisco Opera. 

What we always shared, however, is genuine care for the environment and a deep appreciation for the natural foods of Ireland. We've always been fascinated with nature, and with growing food and exploring the unique flavours this island offers. We’re not afraid to do things differently, or to take the path less travelled. So for us it was a big step, but also a natural step to create our own wines, not from grapes like most wines, but from berries grown in Irish soils, and to make them as sustainable as possible. 

Learn more....

Nature - how we care for the Environment

We are proud to be a Verified Member of Bord Bia's Origin Green, Ireland’s world-pioneering programme of commitment to sustainable food and drink production.

With our lifelong and personal commitment to the environment sustainability is close to our hearts and we carry this concept throughout our production process. Our fruit is either foraged or selected exclusively from Bord Bia-approved growers, and the fruit pulp that remains after the berries are pressed is broken down into microbially-rich compost, used for food production.  Learn more..